NHKラジオ英会話入門ディクテーション: 2007年11月アーカイブ


Dictation: アラレさん

[The Task]

Ke: Jerry, can you give us the answers?
J: Sure. For sweet corn you should blanch it five or six
minutes. And then you should chill it in ice water
five or six minutes.
Ke: For the second one I think Martha was saying something
like you chilled sweet corn in ice water for the same
amount of time. Was it what she was saying?
J: You mean for the sweet corn?
Ke: Yes.
J: Correct.

Ke: Green beans, Jerry.
J: All right. Well, for green beans she said you should
blanch them for three minutes and you should chill
them in ice water for three minutes.

[True False Questions]

Ke: Katie.
Ka: Right. No.1 is ...

Ke: Jerry, can you help us here?
J: I think I can.
Ke: OK.
J: Well, this one is "T" or true.
Ke: It is?
J: Right. Because Martha was asked if watermelon can be
frozen ...
Ke: Uh-huh.
J: And she said and I quote, "I wouldn't recommend freezing
any fruit or vegetable with a high water content."

Ke: What about No.2, Katie?
Ka: Right, Ken. No.2 is ...

Ke: Jerry, true or false?
J: This one is "F", false.
Ke: It is?
J: Yes. Martha did give Rick some carrots and sweet corn,
but not beans.