UNIT1 -Japan-North Korea Summit

acknowledge to admit or accept that something is true or that a situation exists
abduct to take someone away by force; kidnap
agent someone who works for a government or police department in order to get secret information about another country or organization; spy
confirm to show that something is definitely true, especially by providing more proof
historic a historic event or place is important because it is, or will be, remembered as part of history
grief extreme sadness, especially because someone you love has died
indignation feelings of anger and surprise because you feel insulted or unfairly treated
dismay the worry, disappointment, and unhappiness you feel when something unpleasant happens
kin your family
unbearable too unpleasant, painful, or annoying to bear; intolerable
pending while waiting for something, or until something happens
definite clearly known, seen, or stated
remorse a strong feeling of being sorry that you have done something very bad
heartfelt very strongly felt and sincere
peninsula a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large mass of land
recurrence an occasion when something that has happened before, happens again
moratorium an official stopping of an activity for a period of time
comply with to do what you have to do or are asked to do
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