UNIT4 -Bush Warns Iraq in U.N. Speech

warn to tell someone that something bad or dangerous may happen, so that they can avoid it or prevent it
anniversary a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year
regime a government that has not been elected in fair elections
threat the possibility that something very bad will happen
authority the power you have because of your official position or because people respect your knowledge and experience
abide by to accept and obey a decision, rule, agreement etc, even though you may not agree with it
resolution a formal decision or statement agreed on by a group of people, especially after a vote
call for to ask strongly and publicly for money, justice etc in order to change a situation
unconditional not limited by or depending on any conditions
renounce to publicly say that you will no longer keep something, or stay in an important position, because you no longer have the right to it
defiance behavior that shows you clearly refuse to do what someone tells you to do
hold sb to account to force someone who is responsible for a mistake or a crime to explain publicly why they did it and punish them for it if necessary
unavoidable impossible to prevent
secretary general the most important official in charge of a large organization, especially an international organization
unilateral a unilateral action or decision is done by only one of the groups involved in a situation
ambassador an important official who represents his or her government in a foreign country
fabrication a piece of information or story that someone has invented in order to deceive people
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