UNIT7 -Johannesburg Summit Ends

sustainable an action or process that is sustainable can continue or last for a long time
adopt to formally approve a proposal, especially by voting
outline to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the details
follow-up a book, movie, article etc. that comes after another one that has the same subject or characters
overshadow to make an occasion, period, event etc. seem less enjoyable by making people feel sad or worried
chair to be the CHAIRPERSON of a meeting, committee, or college department
delegate someone who has been elected or chosen to speak, vote, or make decisions for a group
apartheid a situation in which people of different races and economic groups live in separate areas, do not have equal rights etc
lengthy a speech, piece of writing etc. that is lengthy is long and often contains too many details
environmentalist someone who is concerned about protecting the environment
wordy using too many formal words
toothless a law that is toothless has no power to make someone obey it
renewable something that is renewable can be replaced by natural processes or good management, so that it is never used up
solar relating to the sun
fierce done with a lot of energy and strong feelings, and sometimes violent
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