UNIT5 -9/11 Anniversary

observe to celebrate a holiday, a religious or national event etc
governor the person in charge of governing a state in the U.S
understated not too strong, colorful, big etc., in a way that is pleasing
choir a group of people who sing together, especially in a church or school
requiem a piece of music written for a Christian religious ceremony for someone who has died
cathedral a large church, which is the main church of a particular area that a BISHOP is responsible for
petal the colored part of a flower that is shaped like a leaf
commemorate to remember someone or something by a special action, ceremony, object etc
bishop a priest with a high rank in some Christian churches, who is the head of all the churches and priests in a large area
congregation a group of people gathered together in a church
be disposed to to tend to do, have, or use something:
mean cruel or not nice
mean to intend to do something or intend that someone else should do something
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