UNIT3 -Koizumi Urges Bush to Seek International Support

call on sb to to formally ask someone to do something
strike a military attack, especially by aircraft dropping bombs
resentment a feeling of anger because something has happened that you think is unfair
inspector an official whose job is to check that something is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyed
multilateral agreements, trade etc that involve the governments of several different countries
patience the ability to wait calmly for a long time and accept delays without becoming angry or anxious
the General Assembly the group that represents all of the countries which belong to the united nations. Its members meet regularly to discuss plans and vote on suggestions, with each country having one vote
the Security Council the most powerful part of the United Nations, which is responsible for making sure that countries behave peacefully towards each other, and for deciding what the United Nations should do if countries go to war.
upcoming happening soon
suspect to think that something is probably true or likely, especially something bad
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