UNIT8 -Nagano Election

reformist wanting to change systems or situations, especially in politics
independent a politician who does not belong to a political party
contender someone who takes part in a competition or a situation in which they have to compete with other people:
assembly a group of people who are elected to make laws for a particular country or area
vote of no-confidence a formal process in which people vote in order to show that they do not support someone or something, especially the government
motion a proposal that is made formally at a meeting and then decided on by voting
garner to take or collect something, especially information
mayor the person who has been elected to lead the government of a town or city
toast to drink a glass of wine, etc to thank someone, wish someone luck etc
renewed interest etc that increases again after not being very strong
bureaucracy the officials who are employed rather than elected to do the work of a government, business etc
dominate to have power and control over someone or something
public works buildings, roads, ports etc provided and built by the government
the Establishment the group of people in a society who have a lot of power and influence and are often opposed to any kind of change or new ideas
attach importance to to believe that something is important
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UNIT8 -Nagano Election
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