UNIT8 -Nagano Election

reformist wanting to change systems or situations, especially in politics
independent a politician who does not belong to a political party
contender someone who takes part in a competition or a situation in which they have to compete with other people:
assembly a group of people who are elected to make laws for a particular country or area
vote of no-confidence a formal process in which people vote in order to show that they do not support someone or something, especially the government
motion a proposal that is made formally at a meeting and then decided on by voting
garner to take or collect something, especially information
mayor the person who has been elected to lead the government of a town or city
toast to drink a glass of wine, etc to thank someone, wish someone luck etc
renewed interest etc that increases again after not being very strong
bureaucracy the officials who are employed rather than elected to do the work of a government, business etc
dominate to have power and control over someone or something
public works buildings, roads, ports etc provided and built by the government
the Establishment the group of people in a society who have a lot of power and influence and are often opposed to any kind of change or new ideas
attach importance to to believe that something is important

UNIT7 -Johannesburg Summit Ends

sustainable an action or process that is sustainable can continue or last for a long time
adopt to formally approve a proposal, especially by voting
outline to describe something in a general way, giving the main points but not the details
follow-up a book, movie, article etc. that comes after another one that has the same subject or characters
overshadow to make an occasion, period, event etc. seem less enjoyable by making people feel sad or worried
chair to be the CHAIRPERSON of a meeting, committee, or college department
delegate someone who has been elected or chosen to speak, vote, or make decisions for a group
apartheid a situation in which people of different races and economic groups live in separate areas, do not have equal rights etc
lengthy a speech, piece of writing etc. that is lengthy is long and often contains too many details
environmentalist someone who is concerned about protecting the environment
wordy using too many formal words
toothless a law that is toothless has no power to make someone obey it
renewable something that is renewable can be replaced by natural processes or good management, so that it is never used up
solar relating to the sun
fierce done with a lot of energy and strong feelings, and sometimes violent
post-war happening or existing after a war, especially World War II
showing the level of success or failure someone is achieving in a competition, process etc
ruling the ruling group in a country or organization is the group that controls it
slim very small in amount or number
fulfill if you fulfill a hope, promise, wish etc., you achieve the thing that you had hoped for, promised, wanted etc
pledge a serious promise or agreement to do something or to give money to an organization, country etc., especially one made publicly or officially
flood a very large amount of water that covers an area that is usually dry
administration the government of a country at a particular time, especially the U.S. government
short-lived continuing for only a short time

UNIT5 -9/11 Anniversary

observe to celebrate a holiday, a religious or national event etc
governor the person in charge of governing a state in the U.S
understated not too strong, colorful, big etc., in a way that is pleasing
choir a group of people who sing together, especially in a church or school
requiem a piece of music written for a Christian religious ceremony for someone who has died
cathedral a large church, which is the main church of a particular area that a BISHOP is responsible for
petal the colored part of a flower that is shaped like a leaf
commemorate to remember someone or something by a special action, ceremony, object etc
bishop a priest with a high rank in some Christian churches, who is the head of all the churches and priests in a large area
congregation a group of people gathered together in a church
be disposed to to tend to do, have, or use something:
mean cruel or not nice
mean to intend to do something or intend that someone else should do something
warn to tell someone that something bad or dangerous may happen, so that they can avoid it or prevent it
anniversary a date on which something special or important happened in a previous year
regime a government that has not been elected in fair elections
threat the possibility that something very bad will happen
authority the power you have because of your official position or because people respect your knowledge and experience
abide by to accept and obey a decision, rule, agreement etc, even though you may not agree with it
resolution a formal decision or statement agreed on by a group of people, especially after a vote
call for to ask strongly and publicly for money, justice etc in order to change a situation
unconditional not limited by or depending on any conditions
renounce to publicly say that you will no longer keep something, or stay in an important position, because you no longer have the right to it
defiance behavior that shows you clearly refuse to do what someone tells you to do
hold sb to account to force someone who is responsible for a mistake or a crime to explain publicly why they did it and punish them for it if necessary
unavoidable impossible to prevent
secretary general the most important official in charge of a large organization, especially an international organization
unilateral a unilateral action or decision is done by only one of the groups involved in a situation
ambassador an important official who represents his or her government in a foreign country
fabrication a piece of information or story that someone has invented in order to deceive people
call on sb to to formally ask someone to do something
strike a military attack, especially by aircraft dropping bombs
resentment a feeling of anger because something has happened that you think is unfair
inspector an official whose job is to check that something is satisfactory and that rules are being obeyed
multilateral agreements, trade etc that involve the governments of several different countries
patience the ability to wait calmly for a long time and accept delays without becoming angry or anxious
the General Assembly the group that represents all of the countries which belong to the united nations. Its members meet regularly to discuss plans and vote on suggestions, with each country having one vote
the Security Council the most powerful part of the United Nations, which is responsible for making sure that countries behave peacefully towards each other, and for deciding what the United Nations should do if countries go to war.
upcoming happening soon
suspect to think that something is probably true or likely, especially something bad
welcome to accept an idea, suggestion etc happily
appreciate to thank someone or be grateful for something they have done
security things that are done in order to keep someone or something safe
reaffirm to formally state an intention, belief etc again, especially as an answer to a question or doubt
engage to take part or become involved in an activity
stability the condition of being strong, steady and not changing
prospect a possibility that something which you hope for will happen soon
resumption the act of starting an activity again after a pause
sidelines the area just outside the lines that form the edge of a sports field
hail sb/sth as sth to describe someone or something as being very good, especially in newspapers, magazines etc
brave facing danger, pain, or difficult situations with courage and confidence
praise to say that you admire and approve of someone or something, especially publicly
mark to celebrate an important event
premier a prime minister
urge to strongly advise someone to do something
historical historical events, facts, people etc happened or existed in the past

UNIT1 -Japan-North Korea Summit

acknowledge to admit or accept that something is true or that a situation exists
abduct to take someone away by force; kidnap
agent someone who works for a government or police department in order to get secret information about another country or organization; spy
confirm to show that something is definitely true, especially by providing more proof
historic a historic event or place is important because it is, or will be, remembered as part of history
grief extreme sadness, especially because someone you love has died
indignation feelings of anger and surprise because you feel insulted or unfairly treated
dismay the worry, disappointment, and unhappiness you feel when something unpleasant happens
kin your family
unbearable too unpleasant, painful, or annoying to bear; intolerable
pending while waiting for something, or until something happens
definite clearly known, seen, or stated
remorse a strong feeling of being sorry that you have done something very bad
heartfelt very strongly felt and sincere
peninsula a piece of land almost completely surrounded by water but joined to a large mass of land
recurrence an occasion when something that has happened before, happens again
moratorium an official stopping of an activity for a period of time
comply with to do what you have to do or are asked to do

Power Words & Power Idioms

アルクからでている英単語と英熟語のシリーズです。 Power Wordsは12000語 Pwer Idioms は6000フレーズが難易度順にリストアップされています。 まず自分の知らない単語やイディオムを選びその例文をCDを聞きながらう覚えていきます。





このシリーズはPart1からPart4まであり、それぞれの本が違った文法項目を扱っています。 ただあまりに例文が多いのでフィニックスでは例文を選んで覚えてもらっています。 CDもついているので耳で聞きながら覚えたものを確認していくことも可能です。 フィニックスでは日本語をみてスラスラ英語で言えるようになっているかチェックしています。 日本語を英語に訳すのではなくあくまで例文をきちんと覚えることが大切です。



Family Album USA

Family Album USAはもともとビデオ総合学習教材ですが、フィニックスではリスニングとスピーキング矯正用の教材として使っています。この教材はネイティブがナチュラルスピードで話しているので日本人が苦手とするリダクション(音の連結、脱落)を克服し自然な英語が聞けて話せるようになるためにとても役にたちます。

 まず会話を録音したテープを何度も聞いてディクテーション(書き取り)をしていきます。 リダクションしているところはわからないところが多いと思いますがとにかく理解できなくても自分が聞こえたように書いていきます。

ひととおり区切りまでディクテーションが終わったらトランスクリプション(会話を文字で書いたもの)を見て間違ったところを赤ペンでなおしていきます。 次にテープを聴きながらテープと同じイントネーション、発音で話せるように声を出しながら覚えていきます。クラスの中では一人ひとり丁寧にテープと違っているところをこと細かく指摘してきますので、再度テープを聴いて正しく覚えなおします。

こうして1つのエプソードをすべて覚えていきます。前回までやった分は忘れてはいけません。 1学期が終わることには約20分のダイアローグをネイティブと同じようにスラスラ話せるようになります。 教材の詳しい説明はこちらをご覧ください。























松本亨先生はNHKラジオ英会話を担当されていた先生ですが、ご自分でも「私は英語学者ではなく英語作家である」と言っていたくらいおもしろいストーリーを書かれる方でした。単なる英会話の教材ではなく、話がおもしろいのです。このThe Visitorもそうですが、松本亨先生の放送を聞いていた方の話によると、松本先生のラジオ講座はまるで連続テレビ小説を見ているような楽しさがあったそうです。次にどんなことがおきるのか、ハラハラ、ドキドキ、自分が登場人物になってしまうのです。これは松本亨先生の後に放送を継いだどの講師の先生にもできなかったことです。






Barbara: Kiss me, Kenji. Real hard. Our last kiss.


ラジオ英語講座(英会話レッツスピーク と 英語リスニング入門)を聞いてテキストに書かれていない部分をディクテーションして英語学習に生かそうというメールマガジンです。このメールマガジンは同名のメーリングリストに投稿していただいたディクテーションをメールマガジンという形で発行しているものです。メールマガジンの購読は無料です。毎日の英語学習にお役立てください。




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